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Money Is Just A Tool

Written by: Doris Dobkins
Submitted On: 2/1/2004
Home Depot is having a big sale on Power Tools. So you hop in your car and drive over to check out the deals.

There it is, the Makita Compound Miter Saw XK Turbo Model 2310, the saw of your dreams. Price tag, $3,300.

You haul it to the cashier and charge it on your VISA card.

Now that you've gotten it home, here are a couple of scenarios that could happen.

1) You open up the box, read and study the instruction manual, cut some boards, sell some, use some on a construction job, and fully utilize your new tool to create beautiful things and to make money that not only pays you back the cost of the saw but additional money as well.


2) You take the saw home, open up the box, toss the directions aside, try cutting some boards, break the blade, put the saw away and never touch it again. In this case, the saw doesn't pay for itself or make you any money. It could, but it doesn't. Matter-a- fact, since you charged it, you'll be haunted with $300 a month payments for the next 4 years as well.

Now anybody looking at these illustrations can easily see how example #1 is much more ideal than #2. The saw in the first example looks great and although you aren't guaranteed success just by having it, in the first example that is exactly what happened. The key is to use the saw as a tool, to learn about it, understand how it works, and to use it properly and wisely.

Now, I want you to think of money as a tool, just like this power saw. Money in and of itself can't and won't make you rich. It can actually even make you bankrupt. If you know how to use it though, you will benefit from it. If you don't know how to use it, it can stress you out, cost you more money or end up being wasted and just disappear altogether.

Many people think that more money is always the answer to their financial problems. In some cases it may be if you are living below the poverty line, but in most cases, more money is not the answer. If you can't handle the money you currently have and spend it properly, then more money is not the solution to your problems.

Try to think of the money you have as a tool. If used properly, it works well for you. If mishandled, it doesn't matter how much you have, it will never work for you in the way you want or need it to. It is just a tool in your hands. How well the tool performs is up to you!

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