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Submitted On: 2/27/2007

The disappointment of people who are paying a lot of money for no quality weight loss unfortunately exist as several times the lost pounds after a certain period return.

You've lost the weight, but can you keep it off? - is sadly a feared question to many who engaged themselves in different weight loss procedures, ones harder or more expensive then others. Based on some studies and according to many medical experts low-carb diets are safe at least in the short term, except for people with kidney disease. In fact there are no long-term studies to date at least not longer than two years that chart the effects of a low-carb or very low-carb diet on an individual's overall health. The high increase in the number of surgical procedures performed for the treatment of severe obesity has also become a focus of the private insurance industry as weight loss surgery is pretty expensive. Even though patients usually spend only two days in the hospital following these major procedures, these operations are associated with use of expensive high technology equipment, advanced nursing and surgical training, driving up costs.

There are also hundreds of diet pills, herbal products, teas or supplements that claim to be effective in achieving weight loss but unfortunately not all products you see advertised work and only a few will actually help as individuals differ and so does the supplementís effects.

What works for you may not be what works for others and the back gaining of weight can easily appear. So what can be done to avoid money loss instead of a successful weight loss? First, consult your doctor and learn about your healthy body image, calorie intake and BMI as it might be possible, that you donít need to engage into a weight loss procedure. In case you do and as healthy lifestyle should be encouraged anyway, effective weight loss principles recognize that exercise is essential to weight loss, completed with other elements of a healthy lifestyle, stress management, recognizing psychological or situational triggers for overeating, or developing an appropriate body image and the use of other methods of weight loss only when necessary.

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