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Did You Know About Online Coupons?

Did you know that you could save money almost every time you shop online by using online coupons? Most people don't.

Next time you purchase something online, take a look as you take your shopping cart through the checkout process. If you see, "enter your coupon or gift certificate here", you've found an online merchant that uses online coupons. A quick search at can tell you if we've found any coupons or special promotions for that online retailer. We can also tell you what, if any, restrictions are on those coupons and when they expire. And even if you don't find a coupon for the online merchant you want to shop at, you may find another online store where you can save money using a coupon they have listed.

What is an Online Coupon?
The most popular online coupons are clickable and can be redeemed online. As the name implies, you click on the coupon and are taken to the website of the online merchant. Usually you will be given a coupon code (e.g. FREESHIPSAVE$) which must be entered during the checkout process at the online merchant to receive a discount, or the coupon value will be automatically entered into the shopping basket.

What should I do if I have a customer service issue?
Call the store directly and try to get the problem resolved. I list toll free customer support numbers for most of the stores, and their customer service departments are usually wonderful at handling problems. If you can't get a problem resolved directly, please let me know. Sometimes I can help, and if too many customers report problems I will remove a store.

What can I do to make sure I won't have any problems?
First, make sure that your coupons, discounts, and sale prices are reflected before you finalize your order. Second, save copies of your confirmation page, confirmation e-mail, shipping notice, and any other correspondence. Third, make sure to check your products after you receive them. If any returns are necessary, make sure to follow the store's RMA guidelines and ship it back with an insured, trackable carrier.

Where can I find Online Coupons?
Simply type into the address bar of your browser, and you'll be taken to our home page where you can see the latest coupons we have added and search for online coupons you need.

From our home page, you can search for coupons by merchant or by category. If you know which online retailer you want to shop at, just click on the merchant name/link. This will lead you to a webpage that features all the latest coupons, sales and promotions for that merchant plus customer reviews and extra merchant details.

If you are more interested in browsing coupons for a general shopping category, click on a category link. From there you can select the merchant that best matches your interest, and see what coupons they have available.

To redeem a coupon or offer that meets your interest, simply click on “Redeem Merchant Coupon”, and you will be taken to the merchant's web site. A window will pop up with the coupon code and details of the coupon offer.

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What do I need to know about using Coupons?
Because merchants change their coupons and promotions frequently, make sure you see the discount in your shopping basket before you make your order final! If the shopping basket does not show a discount, it can mean that either:

  • The coupon code has not been properly entered. Enter the code once more.
  • The restrictions for the coupon code have not been met. Check the fine print to make sure your purchase should be covered by the coupon code.
  • The coupon has been withdrawn by the merchant or is no longer valid. Some merchants do not indicate how long their coupon codes are valid for, so if the code does not work, it is safe to assume that the coupon code is no longer valid.
  • The merchant website is not functionality properly.

If you have already made an order without the discount, we recommend you cancel the order or call the merchant and give them the coupon code. If the merchant cannot provide you with a discount, you can always cancel the order at no cost. FindSavings is not responsible for merchants coupons not working we just provide information and you must make sure you get the discount.

Why do merchants use online Coupons?
One of the biggest challenges facing online merchants is persuading consumers to use their site. A coupon can be compelling enough for a consumer to make a purchase that they would not have made otherwise. For merchants, online coupons represent a cost effective way of introducing customers to their website.

How can I help?
Please feel free to review each of the merchants in our list that you have shopped with and let others know how your experience was. Was it the best shopping you have ever done? Or was it so bad you will never return to their site?

If you receive special coupon codes or promotional offers from online merchants, please send them on to us. You'll be happy in knowing that hundreds or thousands of other shoppers will benefit from your generosity.

We also ask that if you find that one of our coupon codes posted on our website does not appear to work, please give us feedback by emailing us. This enables us to make sure that the coupons posted are valid, and provides a better user experience for everybody.

We invite your suggestions. If you want to share your experiences in using coupons online or have an idea of how to make better, let us know about it. We look forward to hearing from you. Email us here.

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