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Sahalie Company Profile

Sahalie is simply the latest evolution of the Early Winters catalog that has been around since 1972.

In the early 70s, two climbers decided to take on a huge granite spire in the Cascade Mountain Range in northern Washington—the Early Winters Spire. That night a storm hit. When morning light broke, tent poles and bits of nylon were scattered everywhere. The storm blew their hasty camp to bits.

While picking up the pieces, the two had a great idea. They knew they could design equipment that could satisfy the needs of climbers and outdoorsmen alike and withstand the type of storm they encountered the night before. They set off to start their own outdoor company, and named it after the place where it all began, Early Winters.

Over the years, this little company made big waves in the outdoor market—amazing tent designs (the "Omnipotent" is a legend in the outdoor industry); fantastic design concepts with the newly invented Gore TEX and we continue to push the market with sustainable product alternatives, organic fabrics and recycled paper in our publications.

Today, we continue to carry this adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors. We don't have to climb granite spires like we did when we were younger, but we love to get outdoors, enjoy the sun and rain, and get the blood flowing. We do it because we love it, not for bragging rights or a cool photograph.

'Sahalie' comes from the Chinook people of the Pacific Northwest, it translates to "a high and lofty place". We envision that place as anywhere that removes you from the "daily grind" and gets you outdoors, breathing fresh air. It's the way we choose to live: casual, adventurous and based in the Pacific Northwest.

The above company information for Sahalie is what we have on file. It is possible that Sahalie has made changes to their corporate information and we have not yet updated our site to reflect those changes. Please visit Sahalie if you wish to verify any information located here.

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