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YOOX Company Profile

With YOOX you can celebrate your own individuality and express yourself freely in a kaleidoscope of ideas, objects and colors to invent a style that is uniquely your own. Upon entering YOOX you experience the alchemy of a place suspended, without time or space where human and technological dimensions meet to create new forms of emotion, curiosity and entertainment.

Thanks to a direct relationship with designers, manufacturers and the most prestigious boutiques in the world, YOOX is the destination where you can find an infinite mix&match of styles and trends that are not currently available in traditional stores:
  • Exclusive lines from Italian and international designers
  • A savvy selection of end-of-season clothing and accessories at accessible prices
  • Vintage collectibles
  • Limited edition creations available only at YOOX
  • Innovative brands previewed on YOOX
  • A curated selection of hard-to-find books, magazines, art and design
YOOX offers its customers throughout the world an impeccable service marked by secure payment, rapid delivery with UPS, original packaging, free returns and efficient customer service by phone and e-mail. With this level of care, YOOX delivered 1 million items across the globe in 2006: Europe, where it is the undisputed market leader, the United States, Canada and Japan; and has now expanded to serve 27 new countries around the world including China, Russia and Australia.

The name itself reveals the nature of YOOX, a human touch that fuses with technology: X and Y, the male and female chromosomes, embrace the zero of the binary code, fundamental language of the information age. YOOX has Italian roots, an international mindset and a multicultural vision always open to new collaborations.

The above company information for YOOX is what we have on file. It is possible that YOOX has made changes to their corporate information and we have not yet updated our site to reflect those changes. Please visit YOOX if you wish to verify any information located here.

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